Menopause clinic

The 'menopause' is the cessation of menses. It usually happens between 44-55 years of age. The time spanning either side of the cessation of menses, during which some women may experience symptoms, is called the 'climacteric' and may last 2-15 years.

While many women will sail through the menopause without any problems, some will experience distressing symptoms, which result from the lack of oestrogen and testosterone. Prior to the menopause, the ovary produces these two hormones, although the levels of testosterone produced are much less than those found in men. The majority of women with mild menopausal symptoms can be satisfactorily managed in the General Practitioner's surgery. A proportion of women, however, will require specialist management.

Although HRT has recently received adverse publicity, it remains the most effective treatment to prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones) and for symptom relief. Media reports can often lead to confusion as to the costs and benefits of HRT treatment in relation to breast cancer.

At the Parkside Menopause Clinic we provide a woman-centred service for women going through the menopause transition, offering support, guidance, information and treatment tailored to the individual woman’s needs. Not everyone needs medication, but many women do benefit from therapy. There is much emphasis on an holistic approach to difficulties in this critical phase of a woman’s life